Importance Of Social Competence In Schools

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Exploring Social Competence in Schools Good morning faculty, staff, and parents of Creative Beginnings. Today, we will be deliberating about social competence, why social competence is important, and the three key ways of why it supports the development of social competence in children. Now, let’s get to the point. We use the term social competence to emphasize the developmental processes which will take place in peer groups, preschool, elementary schools and families to develop social competence in infants and children. In case you did not know what social competence is; let me take the time to explain it to you. Social competence is the ability to adjust personal behaviors and display appropriate social behaviors that will enable individuals to maintain effective social interactions and positive relationships with others in certain social contexts. A child’s social competence can enhance where there is communication between the different settings that could be central to a child’s life. When children become more or less socially competent, they are influenced by their child development, their learning and the contexts that will be able to help the children to function better. The three keys to help a child of developing social competence are personal identity, social values, and self-esteem. Socially competent children can easily learn strategies from interacting comfortably and positively with others during their experiences at school or at home. (Kostelnik 2014)
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