Importance Of Social Location

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In sociology, social location is defined as the spaces that people occupy due to their location in society, which also refers to how groups in a society experience the interactive effects of intersecting social hierarchies. In other words, social location is the sum effect of various factors, including social class, race, gender, and geographic location on an individual’s experience, life chances and worldview. Like most people, my social location is greatly affected by the intersection of my race, gender, social class, however, what contributed the most to my social location is my family, especially my mother.
The reason I choose my mother as a determining factor of my social location is because of the fact that my social class as of now is based on that of the value my mother has given me. To my point of view, the environment that one’s growing up plays a great role in shaping one’s identity. My mother spent most of her life with her mother who had been divorced by her husband when she was still very young. As the only workforce of her family, started working as a laborer in farms, where she had to compete with strong male workers, in 1970s after the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China, where farmers' gains were based on their labor force. Then she got married to my father, who had five younger siblings and disabled parent, in 1987. The upward intergenerational mobility that my mother has experienced had shaped her worldview. Although she had been through all
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