Importance Of Social Roles In Education

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Because of my passion for healthcare, I have numerous social roles relating to the field. Most importantly, I have a social role of being a pre-medical undergraduate student at Loyola University Chicago, a university which is known for their pre-professional health care programs. As a student, I have a social script of educating myself in order to obtain a beneficial career in the future. Through the help of the professors, teacher’s assistants, classmates, and tutoring sessions that are present at Loyola, I am able to fulfill my social script of providing myself a sturdy foundation into the medical field. Through these “trainings,” I know how to work hard in order to achieve success in my prerequisite classes for medical school. By the social scripts presented to me by the Loyola staff, I make sure that my education is my top priority. Moreover, I have extracurricular activities that help to strengthen my foundation in the healthcare field. This past summer, I volunteered at Northwest Community Hospital where I helped out at the nurses’ station of the rehabilitation unit by answering call lights and doctors calls and by paging the appropriate nurses and PCTs (patient care technicians). Furthermore, I volunteered at the Visitor’s Entrance front desk where I was able to sign patients in and out, direct them towards the rooms of their loved ones, deliver flowers and other packages, and help discharge the patients.
During the school year, I volunteer at Shirley Ryan Ability
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