Importance Of Social Welfare State

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After the World War II, in 1945 the UK labour (Centre-left political) government with Clement Attlee as a premier minister has adopted a social policy for the country which is called social welfare state. Since, this subject has been on politic debate for decades. Some political parties support the idea of the welfare state, however others argue that it must be reformed, and the far-right go even further by asking about its abolition. That is why this essay aim to discuss about the UK social welfare state in a reference of Paul Spicker (2017) research. It will explain how it’s no longer meet its original aims and visions as inequalities are thought to be caused more by lifestyle choices than by socio-economic circumstances. As a…show more content…
And attempted to accomplish William Beveridge proposal of the welfare state by introducing reforms to establish the Welfare State that came to challenge “lasses-faire” notions of state. A welfare state is the state that looks after the basic needs of its people. This should freedom people from need, universal provision for all and comprehensive in that it covers all types of need. It was establish because of the impact of World War II and the Beveridge Report.
The welfare state improves access to health care: Providing all citizens equal access to necessary health care is highly important to the continued success of the UK society. This is significantly a literal life-saver to those who are struggling to find consistent employment, which means that they are having a difficult time obtaining good health insurance, as well as to those with disabilities. It also provides some children their essential needs: Children do not deserve to be born to parents who are not capable of handling the financial responsibility to provide food and shelter for them, but unfortunately, there are children who are not receiving their basic needs. This is where welfare comes into play, helping unfit parents to take care of their children. Finally, it helps reduce crime rates: While it is difficult to attribute crime rates to any specific government policy or law, it is easy to associate not providing citizens with their basic needs with them resorting to a life of crime just to keep food on
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