Importance Of Socs To Greasers

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Expectations in this book affected how they act because there parents themselves and the community 1. (Socs) Parents played a big role in giving expectation. The Soc’s parents played a big role because they gave low expectations, so the soc’s act out and are bad and rude. One of the reason the Socs might act out and are bad is because they feel like there parents don't love them enough to make them stop and control them. This is another reason the socs are so rude to the greasers because even though there are poor most of them have parents who love them to work really hard and barely support them. 1. (Greasers) parents played a role in expectations because they didn't really set sanders or curfews so there were always out later which…show more content…
Greasers set expectations for themselves to never amount to anything because there are poor so they won't be able to go to college so they don't try in school . Since they think they can not amount to anything they don't try and get mad. They also have expectations that the socs will jump them so they get all tough. 3. (Socs) community set expectations that the socs could do nothing wrong this makes the socs think they can get away with anything and everything, and if they do get caught they can blame it on the greasers. Community also set sanders that the socs are the ones who will get into college this can discourage the greasers. 3.(greasers) the community set expectations by saying the menise and blames them for everything, this an make them think since we are going to get blamed and in trouble for what the socs do we might as well do something bad as well like robbing a gas station. Als community says they will never amount to anything and it can discourage them to try, like they think socs are the only ones who can get into college. Introduction- "it's rough all ever ". In The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton the charters learned is rough all over weather it's because of your parents,yourself, people around you, or your community. Expectations in this book affected how they act because there parents themselves and the community
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