Importance Of Software And Hardware Technologies Essay

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In the current era of technological development, the businesses and organizations are highly dependent on computer systems and networks. It is because of the reason that the computer systems and networks significantly help the businesses to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of their important information. In the same situation, it is also very necessary for the businesses to ensure the security of the information in order to avoid any risk or vulnerability. In order to develop and design the well secured network, it is necessary for the businesses and organizations to considered several factors. These factors may include placement of hosts and topology within the network of the organization. In addition to this, the appropriate selection of software and hardware technologies as well as the careful and proper configuration of those software and hardware is also very important for the organizations. The paper also includes the examination of the issues and challenges which were faced in designing the secured local area network. The paper also demonstrates the management of access to LAN and the issues related to performance of LAN. Moreover, it also discussed the viruses on Local Area Network and symptoms and transmission of these viruses on the Local Area Network.

1. Management of Access to a LAN:
Access management to a Local Area Network (LAN) is vital. It defines the level of access for different types of users for using the shared
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