Importance Of Spring Festival Essay

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Spring Festival Festivals and traditions are important part of human cultural. Many countries has their special festivals and traditions: People in Thailand celebrate Water-Sprinkling Festival at April every year. They splash water to each other and believe they can start a new year with beauty and purity; Indian splash colorful powder to each other at March to express their best wishes; Spanish celebrate Carnival to show their love for freedom and peace. China, which is a strong country with five-thousand-year history, has their own festivals as well and Spring Festival is them. There are many unique traditions in this festival like lucky money and couplets. I believe these traditions should be maintained because it is cultural and…show more content…
This festival includes knowledge and belief of Chinese for the last four thousand years. Through celebrating this festival, people can more comprehensively understand Chinese culture, especially for children. They can learn some knowledge about history and culture and be proud of their country. As the same time, it offers people a chance to reunite with their family. Many parents have to leave their children because they have to work in other places. Spring Festival is almost the only chance that they can get along with their children face by face and enjoy the company with their families. They can create many happy memories with their children by playing firecrackers and telling the story behind this festival to them. Children will understand the love and hard working from parents. It is also an important period for people to refresh their mind and release their soul so that they have energy and passion to face new challenges next year. Moreover, it creates a big market and promotes consumption. Before the festival, people purchase food for reunion dinner and new clothes for their family. Firecrackers, couplets and other festival mementos are not only essential for people to express good wishes to the new year, but also a big market to sell
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