Importance Of Stakeholders In Tesco

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There are various definition of stakeholders by many scholars. According to Bryson (2003), stakeholders are defined as persons, groups, or organizations that must somehow be taken into account by leaders, managers, and front-line, who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization’s objectives. Furthermore, stakeholders are the suppliers, customers, employees, stockholders and the local communities who contributes positively for the growth of any business by having claim in an enterprise (Langtry, 1994).With respect to the annual report of Tesco (2016), stakeholders are defined as group of people (customers), colleagues, shareholders, and supplier partners who have a solid governance framework which helps in rebuilding…show more content…
To achieve high productivity, the environmental and social challenges affecting the communities has to be tackled, thereby improving service delivery to Tesco’s customers as well as its employees (Tesco, 2016).
Tesco’s Environmental Role in Performance of Corporate and Social Responsibilities to its Customers
Tesco considers the environmental factors in demonstrating its performance in terms of its corporate social responsibilities to the customers in order for them to make healthier choices. One of the ways in which the environmental factors have helped Tesco PLC in meeting up to its customers’ needs is by reduction of food wastage (Tesco, 2016). Furthermore, Tesco has been trying to make progress in preventing food wastage from farm and fork by providing good storage channel. Also, Tesco utilizes the edible crops by producing varieties of meal from different kinds of perishable crops which helps to accommodate and broaden more food production. In addition, Tesco reduces crop and food wastage also by identifying proper ways of utilizing crops that is out of demand and by reduction of food in demand from the supplier in order not to waste the excesses. Food wastage and proper storage can be done by air-drying the food or by vacuum freeze-drying (Ratti, 2001). However, the second point
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