Importance Of Storage Systems And The Cost Model

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On the Importance of Evaluating Storage Systems’ $Costs
HotStorage -2014. Zhichao Li, Amanpreet Mukker, and Erez Zadok — Stony Brook University

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Author talks about the complexity of the storage system. Storage system is categorized by performance, energy efficiency, durability and many more. There is a need to evaluate the storage system with the cost perspective. Cost model was built and the system was evaluated through various workloads and parameters. Digital data has been growing rapidly and in order to satisfy the needs of more storage and one need to save the longer data storage cost. This study to evaluate the storage system was carried on by developing a device mapper which was the combination of HDD and SSD for Linux kernel where SSD can either be used as a cache or as a storage of hot data. Behavior of the system was measured under various configuration. Moreover, a cost model was built which covered different aspects like energy, power costs, replacement costs and much more. SSD proved out to be very costly as a short term solution but less costly in the long run. SSD was used as a cache for some workloads which was less costly than using it as a hot storage. There were few results obtained which showed that for few workloads, SSD is the only possible solutions which seems to be costly when seen for the short term but it proves out to be cheap when considered in the long run. It’s very important that the future storage is evaluated on the basis of

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