Importance Of Student Behavior In The Juergarten Class

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Student behavior in the kindergarten class would start off with a song in Spanish about being quiet when the teacher is talking. This song is used as a general procedure for the students to follow, and the students would sing along with it as well. Half of the class would sit properly, but some students needed to be reminded to sit correctly. The teacher had to make sure the students were not talking. If the students behaved, they got to watch a video or play a game. It is also important to make sure the students don’t call out, and also make sure they all get a chance. Students are reminded that they cannot say any random idea that comes to mind when answering a question, and they need to stay on topic. When a video is being shown, it is important that the students remain quiet so everyone can hear the video. In some cases, questions are not allowed unless it is an emergency. Students who sit near a door during rug time are not allowed to play with the door, unless they would want to go back to their seats. Any students who act up will be moved. Playing with the chips that go to bingo boards would result in the game privilege being taken away from the students. The students are required to work together and be nice to each other. Refusal to play bingo would result in the student being sent back to their desk and put their head down. Kids would cooperate well at times. Not everyone can get a turn, and any student who growls will not be picked. All eyes are required to be

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