Importance Of Student Internship

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Dear ,

I pray that the summer has been a good and restful one for you! I hope this letter finds you and your family well! I want to thank you all for the love and support I have received! I am so excited to update y’all on the first month of my internship! Summers at the Wesley Foundation involve a lot of preparation for the upcoming school year, cleaning and organizing the building, student orientations, and Hot Summer Nights-our weekly bible study. One night of orientation, we pass out waters to the students and all the campus ministers get on stage and introduce themselves, then a concert and scavenger hunt happens. While attending my first orientation as an intern, a group of Wesley students-in Wesley fashion-decided to have a dance party in front of the stage. In that moment, I was reminded of how open and free this community of Christians I have the undeserved privilege to be a part of and work for this year.

The next orientation day involves an organizational browse, where we set up a table and talk to students to tell them what Wesley is all about. There I met a girl named Chasity. She caught my attention because her nametag said she was from Keithville, LA, which is where my parents live. In my head, I thought, “This is my in to avoid the awkward stage of trying to figure out what to talk about. BOY, WAS I WRONG! The only thing Chasity and I had in common was the small town of Keithville and that we went to the same high school. This conversation that I thought
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