Importance Of Studying Religion In The 21st Century

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Studying Religion in the Twenty-First Century Religion has always been a controversial subject and it always will be. The reason why is simply because far more people do not take the time to become educated on all the different types of religions and different religious traditions practiced by people all over the world. These religious traditions play a huge role in every culture and without taking the time to learn about what others believe in it is so easy to make assumptions for an entire group of people just because they are from a certain country, upbringing, or even because they have a specific appearance. The study of religion is crucial in the twenty-first century for so many reasons but especially so that you are not ignorant towards other cultures and to broaden your own beliefs. In William Graham’s essay on why people should study Religion in the twenty-first century he makes a point that I cannot disagree with. He says, “we need policymakers and politicians who have some grasp of the actual religious dimensions of life in other nations and cultures, so that they do not proceed ignorantly to assume (and act on) popular and mistaken generalizations about what “all Hindus,” “every Jew,” or “most Muslims” believe or do”. I feel it is so important to be educated on different religions because just because someone was born and raised in a specific country or has a specific skin color does not mean they automatically belong to a certain religion. One of the beautiful

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