Importance Of Synthetic Biology : High-Technology Perishable Designs

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High-tech Perishable Designs - Synthetic Biology
Our journey of moving from homogenous to heterogeneous, from bio-mimicry to synthetic biology, of rationally engineer microorganisms dates back to 1990s. Synthetic biology—unlike chemistry—is involved in the technical alteration of animate nature. Building on recent advances in genetic science and technology, synthetic biology aims to understand the molecular fundamentals of the metabolic and reproductive functions of simple single-cell organisms precisely. It thereby seeks to enable us thoroughly to manipulate and rearrange existing organisms in a standardised manner, and to equip them with characteristics that do not occur in nature.
This arranged marriage of organisms has however,
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With the growth of technology designers and bio-engineers have already started thinking about life-sustaining wearable for interplanetary voyages. Students of MIT Media Lab have developed new life forms for the new voyages. These life forms are Combination of two microfluids, cyanobacteria that converts light into sugar and E. Coli which consumes that sugar and produces biofuels useful for the built environment. For the first time, they are having relationship inside a photosynthetic wearable, liquid channels glowing with life inside a wearable, breathing product – ‘Mushtari – Jupitor’s Wonderer’ along with . Followed by, Zuhal-Saturn’s Wonderer, Otaared - Mercury’s Wonderer and Qamar - Luna’s Wonderer. (figure )‘Living matter within these structures will ultimately transform oxygen for breathing, photons for seeing, biomass for eating, biofuels for moving and calcium for building.’ (MIT Media Lab, 2014) And this we can call mothering the nature.
Let’s now imagine if we can create personal microbiomes that would scan and repair damaged tissue, consume nutrients and evacuate waste to sustain our bodies! Think of this as a form of edited biology. Speculate about the future of our race in a new age of symbiosis between our bodies, microbes, our products and even our living space. This is called material ecology that can be found in nature and applied on by bioprinting.
However, blurring of the

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