Importance Of Teaching Cultural Tolerance

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Teaching Cultural Tolerance
One of the most important discussions to take place in the last few years is whether different cultures can exist side-by-side peacefully especially in the West. Different countries have tried different approaches with England leaving cultures intact and Russia forcing immigrants to assimilate. However, we have not asked whether or not proper multicultural co-existence can be attained through teaching people directly using various means. There are those who argue that it takes interaction with different cultures for one to truly understand and respect them. However, I hold that it is completely practical to teach people how to be tolerant. My hypothesis is based on the fact that many times prejudices are informed by ignorance. People who do not know anything about another culture will be suspicious of it. Therefore, I seek to show that there is no question about the efficacy of teaching multiculturalism in the formal sense.
Giuseppe Albanese and his colleagues sought to demonstrate that values could be passed down in the family and the children would gain the values without having to come in contact with the subject of the lesson. Therefore, it follows that teaching children to be tolerant in the abstract is an effective way of transmitting values. On the other hand, teaching them to be intolerant is likely to make them remain intolerant as adults in spite of any evidence to the contrary. However, that is balanced by
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