Importance Of Technology In Education

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I am currently registered with the Queensland College of Teachers, and have been since I graduated my Bachelor of Education in 2011. Since then, I have taught in both my subject areas, English and Computing, and completed a Master's degree to further my knowledge in Information and Communication Technologies, an area I am very passionate about. Throughout my university studies, I have shown keen interest for technology in education (especially appropriating non-education technology for education purposes and 1:1 learning). I have a strong belief that technology can benefit education, given that it is carefully chosen to suit the context; one size does not fit all, one app does not fit all. In the past year at Saint Stephen's College, I have demonstrated that I am capable of teaching in a technical area (Technology) and it is a teaching area I quite enjoy.

Also during my time at Saint Stephens College, I have been involved in various contexts which required blended learning, which shows that I am comfortable and competent using this approach to teaching and learning. An example of this is that over the past two years I have taught many different units as part of the Grade Nine English curriculum which involved twice weekly station rotation lessons. These lessons involved two to three other teachers and the students moving, as groups (determined by their academic performance), between teachers. I believe that this experience also demonstrates my ability to work

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