Importance Of Technology In Education

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Technology in Education

Topic: The integration of technology into the modern day education process

In what way education has changed in favor of using technologies vs the past
Reasons why schools might be changing towards the side of using technology more
Formations : effects introducing adolescent to technology integrate tech and is it in their favor to do so
Intelligent tutoring ,
Potential disadvantages to integrating partially or fully integrating into education( is it a bad idea
Positive outcomes of integrating tech into education and why it might be needed

Introduction : The days of chalk against the chalkboard are now distant memories of the past as we move towards a future with computers and projection boards as our new
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The introduction of the SMART board would revolutionize the classroom and how students would learn as soon school systems all over would integrate them into their classrooms.

Online classrooms and their effects : One way that would change the way we turned in class work would be google classroom. As it would allow classrooms to have a virtual classroom where they could have access to assignments and class information that would provided by their teacher. Teachers would be able to create assignments with a specific due date which would alert the student via email. The introduction of google classrooms and other online homework submission services it would mean that the students would have to have access to computer from home or school. This would mean that schools would soon have to include access to computers and wifi into their classroom. Exposing the students to not only google classroom but applications that are widely used in the world outside of school, such as microsoft word , power point presentations and many more. Not only would online classroom submission applications added to public schools but also colleges with the use of blackboard.

Easy access: With the advancement of technology throughout the school systems, students would be exposed to a wide variety of resources. Such as class work , additional lesson information and even online tutoring. Being able to get
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