Importance Of Technology On Education

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Most people think of the phones in their hand or pocket when they think of technology, but the first roots of technology started all the way back in the Paleolithic Era. This era brought us the first set of stone tools and the famous cave paintings that have helped us learn about the past. Following the Paleolithic Era, we had the Mesolithic and Neolithic Eras which both brought us more advanced stone tools and the start of copper tools. After the Meso/Neolithic Eras, we had the Bronze Era which brought us our bronze tools and weapons. The next era was the Iron Age; this age brought us our iron tools and bullets which further improved hunting. Next was the Middle Ages that gave us our armory and many more improvements on weaponry. Following the Middle Ages, there was the Renaissance, then the Industrial Ages where hundreds of inventions were made like the steam engine and the telegraph which advanced travel and communication. The last era is the Information Age which gave us our phones, computers and the internet. Throughout history, technology has improved and given society many benefits including the improvements of the educational system, medical and the many communication systems.
The vast expanses of old and modern technology have pushed us forward in a new stance on education and the system itself. With the use of the internet from their phone and computer/laptop kids and adults alike can go online and read articles, look at powerpoints or Prezi’s or watch videos about

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