Importance Of Telling The Truth

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According to Filippo Menczer, “We can make our fight against fake news more efficient if we better understand how bad information spreads.” However, the truth holds value and keeps our society accountable. Once a lie is published, it causes confusion and unnecessary commotion. Although, telling the truth can be a difficult choice to make, it is often times the correct decision to make. False information creates numerous repercussions within personal relationships, science, and society. As Jean-Paul Sartre once stated, “The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you’re not worth the truth.” This pertains to several types of relationships including friendships, professional relationships, and romantic relationships. Relationships are built on a foundation of trust. Without honesty and faithfulness, there is no basis for a relationship. Anyone would choose to be with someone who is honest and trustworthy over someone who goes behind your back and is constantly lying. The truth is of utmost importance and allows healthy relationships to flourish and unhealthy relationships to be weeded out, quickly. Relationships are a key part of life and understanding the role that the truth plays in all relationships will allow a person to develop strong and beneficial relationships over the course of their life. By realizing the high value truth holds, it will prevent unnecessary heartache, defective business decisions, and wasted time. Telling someone the truth, even when it is
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