Importance Of The 4th Amendment

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Sandra Day O'Connor once said ,” Statutes authorizing unreasonable searches were the core concern of the framers of the 4th Amendment.”(Sandra Day O’Conner) This means that the Fourth Amendment was very important too the individuals that made this Amendment and to the citizens of the United States of America. The Fourth Amendment was added to the Constitution of the United States of America on December 15, 1791.This Amendment is very important because it gives people the privacy that they deserve.This also means no one can just come into your house and search your house for no reason and take all of your possessions. The only way they can do this is if they have a warrant or a probable cause that you are hiding something.The Fourth…show more content…
This was a main reason to make the Fourth Amendment. They also new that in the future it would be very helpful to America. Although police officers have been fighting about this amendment and how they can’t search more people who they think is guilty this amendment protects all citizens of the United States and gives us the right that all Americans deserve. Another Reason is that this Amendment protects all citizens. In Fox News it had two stories of people coming to search their home without a warrant. Mary Ann and James Stumbo one day just out of the blue a social worker came to there house and demanded to go into their house and speak to their children in private. This startled the Stumbo and they asked her if she had a warrant and she did not. The Stumbos felt very worried that this social worker wanted to talk to there kids alone.This social worker came back and she had court orders for the family to not interfere with the ongoing investigation.This happened because someone called the Department of Social services and said there kid was outside with no clothes on. Of course the Stumbos got a lawyer, and the court decided that it was the social worker's demands, and not the behavior of the Stumbos, that was unlawful.(Fox news) Another example is of Larry Hiibel. He was smoking a cigarette and a random police officer came up to him and demanded to know his name. Larry of course
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