Importance Of The Hero 's Journey

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24 October 2017
The Importance of the Hero’s Journey
Think about what makes someone a hero or a heroine. Do they commit acts of bravery? Do they stand up for what is right? Do they put themselves before others? In various works of literature, film, and real life there is evidence of the Hero’s Journey. Typically, a hero is considered someone who goes out and achieves great things, not only for themselves but for the greater good. In the book “Hero with a Thousand Faces” written by Joseph Campbell, the film “Whale Rider” directed by Niki Caro, and the life events of Martin Luther King Jr. this is evident. It is important to pay attention to the myths of the Hero’s Journey in readings and films because the
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In chapter three, “Supernatural Aid”, it is discussed what happens when the hero does not refuse the call. In this case, they face their first encounter, which includes many challenges. By facing these challenges and overcoming them, it shows how the hero begins their journey in one place and then once they overcome their challenges they are in another place. While this chapter does not focus on how the hero is found it different forms, it discusses how the mentor can be found in different forms. The role of the mentor is to provide protection to the hero in the beginning of their journey. The mentor is an individual who helps the hero with their training, equipment, and provides them with advice that will serve them throughout their journey. This mentor can take different forms, “In fairy lore it may be some little fellow of the wood, some wizard, hermit, shepherd, or smith, who appears, to supply the amulets and advice that the hero will require. The higher mythologies develop the role in the great figure of the guide, the teacher, the ferryman, the conductor of souls to the afterworld” (59-60). No matter what their form may be, the mentor’s help is essential to the hero. Without their mentor’s help, they would not be able to transform in to the hero that they are supposed to be. The mentor also shows how other characters contribute to the growth of the hero. This is seen through the mentor’s

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