Importance Of The Magna Carta

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The Magna Carta The Magna Carta is one of the most important documents in history. The Magna Carta is the foundation of our protection. King John was oppressing his people, because he believed he owned them by a divine right they were “his” people. The Magna Carta proved that the King had to respect his subjects’ rights. Before the Magna Carta was signed the citizens, barons, and even lords could not stand up for themselves! This was because the king had all the power. The Magna Carta is so important because it is the basis of our current Constitution and Bill of rights. Without this document we would have no protection of personal rights and freedom. In order to finance his war with France, King John heavily taxed his citizens. King John lost the war with France, even with the money that he got from the subjects. The Barons rebelled against King John. In 1202 at Mirebeau King John captured many of his leading enemies.The prize was King John’s 15 year old nephew, a claimant to the English throne and an ally to King Philip. King John happily wrote a letter home that he “got the lot”. When King Philip launched a full-out invasion of Normandy and Anjou, King John noticed that he had fewer allies on the ground in support than he would have liked. He didn’t do much to rally his forces and instead left Normandy to return to England (Cawthorne). In 1215 the Barons rebelled against King John. The Barons rebelled for three main reasons, including the lack of trust between the King and the Barons, how King John overtaxed the Barons, and King John did not ask for their advice. Good kings should always ask for the Barons advice. Instead, King John preferred the advice of foreign advisors. This annoyed the Barons and they chose not to abide by the king. When King John asked for the Barons to provide an army for him to win back his land, they refused. King John started to increase taxes so he could buy an army to win back his land, again, not consulting the Barons before doing so. In 1213, King John taxed so much money that half the coins in England were his to spend. ( karmenjerath) The king believed he owned everything he was absolute, ruler by divine right. The Barons were not

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