Importance Of The Research Problem And The Information

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Importance of the research problem and the information sought;

1) Hepatocellular carcinoma usually appears accompanied with an underlying liver disease. As a result, it is challenging to treat. Furthermore, the liver function impairment must be constantly monitored before, during and after the course of treatment. To achieve efficient monitoring a multidisciplinary team should be involved in the care of HCC patients. The main concern now is that the outcome with current treatment modalities is poor. The median survival of patients with intermediate stage HCC managed with TACE is 20 months[1][2], while the median survival of advanced stage HCC with the use of sorafenib is 11 months.[3] Patients with advanced liver disease who are not
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Adequacy of the research design;
The goal of this research project is to develop guidelines for the management of HCC patients in Manitoba. Secondly, to implement and develop a protocol for using the calypso technology. CancerCare Manitoba is pioneer center and it is the only center in Manitoba who has the calypso technology. Finally, to conduct a research identifying the overall survival for HCC cancer patients in Manitoba between 2011 and 2015 with current treatment modalities and to Identify the clinical and demographic characteristics of these patients.
A collaboration between radiation oncologists and physicists made it possible to implement calypso technology and develop the management protocols for other disease sites. The presence of a multidisciplinary team of clinicians currently collaborating in management of HCC will be a strong asset in developing the guidelines of HCC patients in Manitoba. As for the Patient population and data source; Patients who were diagnosed with HCC between 2011 and 2015 will be identified from the Manitoba Cancer Registry (MCR) at CancerCare Manitoba. The Department of Epidemiology and Cancer Registry has already been consulted and they have provided us with preliminary counts of HCC in Manitoba which is approximately 271 during this period.

Feasibility and promise of the methods proposed;
The resources that will be used to conduct this research project are accurate and reliable.

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