Importance Of Theory And The Study Of Families Essay

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The importance of theory Well for starters I hope to one day have to explain to students why theory is important to the study of families. Theories, and the understanding of theories is important for three reasons; First they let us know where we as a society were at in terms of what was considered a normal and abnormal family for previus generations. Second they show us as current researchers what those researchers of the past used in terms of material, populations, and the process of how research was conducted. Finally, they give us, as researchers and as both researchers and people foundations to build upon. With these foundations we are able to connect current phenomenon to theories and thus for able to better categorize current research. Where we once were. Though we may presently look at some older theories as barbaric and obsolete, they were at one time or another how it was. There is a saying that those who fail to learn history are destine to repeat it, this is important when looking at where we were as a society in the past. Not long ago men were the bosses, of business, politics, and family There are still in fact churches within the united states that only allow the men to vote in the congregation. So some of these practices are more recent than not. When we look back towards the beginning of family science and see what was considered normal we are able to gather an understanding of just how far we have evolved over that short time. In the modern world of I
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