Importance Of Therapeutic Relationships In Counselling

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Therapeutic relationships can be defined as a connection between the therapist and the client. By which the therapist and the client come together to create changes and solutions that are beneficial for the client. A strong bond is crucial to the success of counseling. Effective therapeutic counselling helps clients form a close relationship with another person, where true feelings are being expressed. This type of relationship requires possessing the right qualities such as being compassionate, committed, genuine, and trustworthy. Therefore, it is also important to possess excellent communication skills. Active listening is a fundamental skill along with encouraging clients to talk by asking questions while keeping track of the client’s responses. Being able to interpret and use non-verbal communication such as voice tone and pitch, facial expressions, and gestures are key skills. Paraphrasing what the client says and repeating their responses back to his or her techniques used to communicate the counselor’s understanding, A good therapist will prepare for each session by reviewing notes from past sessions and develop strategies that would help the client achieve his or her goals. Effective listening involves knowing what to listen for, allowing the client’s message sink in, and resisting distractions (Kottler & Shepard 2011). Also, it is a therapist’s job to work with the client in every way possible until progress has been made. Therefore, creating therapeutic relationships with clients is very important but should have set boundaries such as being respectful, avoiding sharing personal problems, and other personal information with the client. Moore and Hartman (1988) emphasized specific tasks that should be performed in the work place such as maintaining the relationship, collecting data. promoting the client’s problem-solving skills, self-esteem, and use of language. Therefore, my paper will discuss on the following topics such as the dimensions and qualities of counseling, having set boundaries, and basic skills that counselors should maintain. Horvath and Luborsky According to Horvath and Luborsky (1993), Genuineness
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