Importance Of Time Management, Punctuality, And Accountability

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Time Management
Fauci Matthew R
16 Aug 2017 The importance of time management, punctuality, and accountability.
In 2001, a CareerBuilder survey reported that a total of 15 percent of American workers were late at least once per week. When lateness does occur, its effects are felt and spread throughout the workplace. Though the importance of time management, punctuality, and accountability may seem obvious, the impact in reality has quite a few shrewd layers. Including its effects on the individual just as much as its effects on the workplace as a whole.
Punctuality conveys an excess of positive thoughts to your leaders and co-workers. It shows them that you are ready for the day ahead of you no matter what. It also tells
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When a leader is late or absent from work, it can send mixed messages to his employees or soldiers, which may lower moral. On the other hand, when a leader is punctual, it shows a hard work ethic that will make the employees aspire to be like that individual.
Lateness will lead to stress of getting into trouble, stress will lead to poor performance in your place of work. After you begin to be consistently late to work you will start to rationalize why you’re late. When this begins to happen, people tend to start blaming everyone and everything else instead of focusing on possible solutions to the actual problem. Eventually you will see a pattern and you’ll be stuck in it, and when that becomes normal to you your job will be in danger. Diana DeLonzer states that ten minutes of being late over the course of an entire year will end up costing you the equivalency of one week’s paid vacation.
I once read that George Washington’s passion for punctuality was born from his early study of “The Rules of Civility” - his repeated copying of maxims like “Undertake not what you cannot perform but be careful to keep your promise.” For George Washington, being on time was a way of showing respect to others, and he expected to be treated with the same level of respect in return.
Although we may no longer live in a time of knickers and powdered wigs like George Washington, being punctual is just as if not more than important as it

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