Importance Of Tracking Project Performance And Managing Multiple Teams Essay

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It’s been said many times; the numbers tell the truth. The question has also been asked, “how can you manage what you can’t measure”? Today, many project managers and organizational leaders realize the importance of tracking project performance and managing multiple teams. The project management institute has made project performance tracking simple, using a series of formulas as warning metrics. This writing assignment review and apply a few of these important performance metrics as we encounter challenges with the Pizza Delivered Quickly (PDQ) application. For the Order Entry subsystem, define an early-warning SPI tracking metric with trigger values and a supporting graphic display? Wysocki says “tracking project performance using metrics, like schedule performance index (SPI) and cost performance index (CPI) and discussing the results with project stakeholders will eliminate surprises later in the project and may lead to a successful completion of your project” (p.638). Earned value analysis (EVA), otherwise known as earned value management (EVM), has been around for many years (Wysocki, 2012). Many say that EVM originated in the federal government and later was deployed in the private industry. It was noted in earlier discussion, actual cost, earned value and planned value looks at one form of analysis and schedule performance (SPI) and cost performance index looks at something else. They are computed as follows: SPI = EV / PV CPI = EV / AC. The order entry

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