Importance Of Trade And Economic Growth Of Developing Nations

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The Importance of Trade in Stimulating the Economies of Developing Nations
Nicole Memoly
Johnson & Wales University Graduate School

Abstract This paper explores the importance of trade in stimulating the economies of developing nations while focusing on the fictional country of Primaria. Topics include the potential opportunities for growth, dynamic gains from trade, the impact of trade policies, the role of global organizations, and reasons as to why the country of Primaria should open trade agreements with the United States to import goods from the U.S. Machinery Corporation. Each topic is explained thoroughly and provides examples from other developing nations so that Primaria can understand the benefits of trade and economic growth in their developing country.
The Importance of Trade in Stimulating the Economies of Developing Nations
The United States of America and the country of Primaria currently have no agreements binding them together to provide for a ground of commonalities to be able to foster any alliances or partnerships for any future endeavors or aid. A call for trade between the U.S. and the country of Primaria has been requested by the U.S. Machinery Corporation to break the barriers between the two countries and begin a trade partnership and an exchange of goods and services. This trade partnership will be beneficial to both countries and should be considered with the utmost regard and importance.
Potential Opportunities for Growth When the United States…
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