Importance Of Transcultural Nursing

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A patient’s cultural background is important in many ways. First, their cultural background affects the type of care they receive. Some patients choose spiritual healing over traditional Western medicine. Other cultures choose not to seek hospitalization when ill and are cared for at home. A patient must be looked at, holistic nursing views the patient this way. Cultural background is important to honor and respect if a patient is being treated in the hospital. Diversity is prevalent in the nursing field. Not only do nurses come from different cultures and backgrounds, we are constantly caring for many patients whose cultural beliefs differ from ours and this should not stop us from providing the best care possible. The Importance of…show more content…
Cultural diversity is seen every day in the field of nursing. Not only do nurses come from many different cultures, we as nurses are constantly caring for people whose cultures differ from our own. Diversity helps promote creativity in the workplace. No two people think or operate in the same way. Cultural diversity can mean differences in the way patients view their lives too. In one study, differences in age-expectations were identified in older adults from Korean, Chinese, Latino and African-American backgrounds living in the United States (Menkin et al, 2017). The method for this study details how the study was conducted (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 2016). Age-expectation, demographics, and health data from 229 minority seniors were used. The results, age-expectations differed by race and ethnicity, African-Americas expected the least decline due to age while Chinese Americans expected the most age-related decline. A second study discussed the challenges faced during cervical cancer screening among minorities and how these barriers were overcome. The most popular barrier faced in this study was the lack of instruments in the participants language. Other challenges included translation and content validation (Chan, D. N. & So, W. K., 2017). In order to overcome these barriers, planning is essential in order to translate and validate work. Cooperation with translators is imperative in order to be successful.
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