Importance Of Travel To Travel Essay

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Family, new experiences and memories are three things I get from buying a ticket to travel. Buying a ticket to travel outside the country can open so many doors and can teach you a lot from the other places you visit. My whole life I have been traveling in and out of mexico and that is my favorite place to go. Growing up getting use to going to Mexico I paid little attention to what was actually going on when i would travel. Traveling truly meant getting away from reality, having freedom, and getting to know yourself better. These three things have been developing every time i would travel and will continue every single time i continue to repeat the pattern. Many new possibilities can appear just by buying a single ticket that can help you view everything differently in a matter of time.
Getting the news from my parents that they had already bought the flight tickets was almost as important as the day of actually getting there. I remember my favorite part was being able to see the ticket that gave me motivation to perform my best at everything I did the last couple of days that i was still here because i knew that soon in would be able to spend time with my family. Spending time with my family has always been by far my favorite thing to do when I am in mexico because it is not a everyday thing where i can go visit my grandparents. As i spend time with them i get to learn a lot of where my parents came from and i get to know myself better as well i learn about the history

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