Importance Of Trust Brings Strength : Isaiah 40

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Trust Brings Strength: Isaiah 40:27-31
Dennis Mennella
Old Testament Survey 2015

Outline of Text

I. God’s Power (v. 27)
II. Questions (v. 28)
a. Reaffirmation (v. 28)
b. Everlasting (v. 28)
c. Unlimited
III. Strengthening (v. 29)
IV. Endurance (v. 30)
V. Trust (v. 31)
a. Renewal (v. 31)
b. Strength to those who Trust (v. 31)

Isaiah 40:27-31: Trust Brings Strength The book of Isaiah is written from the point of view of speaker to his own people as Jacob-Israel. Isaiah reassures the people of Judah that God is ready to bring them home and how uplifting he is. He begins by comforting them and telling them about the faithfulness, goodness and power of God. That God is capable of renewing all creation and hanging it into God’s likeness and image. The story gives true support to help uphold faith in Jahveh, against skeptical fears as to his interest in the treasures of his people. It speaks of the faithfulness and everlasting strength of God and how God gives strength to those who are weary. (Box 168) At the same time and though it is self-evident, God’s supreme sovereignty is argued for in the text itself. It is on the basis of God as Creator of heaven and earth that his sovereignty is expounded with such verve. (Gignilliat, 109)

This verse is written for the people that believe God has thrown them away and is no longer concerned about them. We can follow this mind set just the same. It is not so much that we think…
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