Importance Of Trust Brings Strength : Isaiah 40

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Trust Brings Strength: Isaiah 40:27-31
Dennis Mennella
Old Testament Survey 2015

Outline of Text

I. God’s Power (v. 27)
II. Questions (v. 28)
a. Reaffirmation (v. 28)
b. Everlasting (v. 28)
c. Unlimited
III. Strengthening (v. 29)
IV. Endurance (v. 30)
V. Trust (v. 31)
a. Renewal (v. 31)
b. Strength to those who Trust (v. 31)

Isaiah 40:27-31: Trust Brings Strength The book of Isaiah is written from the point of view of speaker to his own people as Jacob-Israel. Isaiah reassures the people of Judah that God is ready to bring them home and how uplifting he is. He begins by comforting them and telling them about the faithfulness, goodness and power of God. That God is capable of renewing
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(Eusebius, 200)

Verse 28: “Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable.”
The verse starts with the re-questioning of two important and obvious, questions. After the first question, Isaiah takes the time to remind the people that God did make the world and everything in it. He tells them how the nations rise and fall at God’s command. Isaiah then uses the questions to tell the people what they should already know about the nature of God, though they might not remember. “Everlasting God” means that God is enduring, how he has existed throughout the ages. He has not just come and gone. He always is. “Of the ends of the earth” refers to its limits. It refers to how God is the creator of the parts of the earth and the secrets of the earth that we know, as well as the creator of those parts and secrets we do not know. Isaiah wants his readers to remember that God made it all. Sometimes people tend to re-create God in their own image. Here, Isaiah wants his readers to understand that God is not faced by the same limits as we are. First, he wants them to know that God is not limited by physical fatigue as humans are. God never gets tired. Second, he wants them to know that God’s understanding and knowledge is unlimited
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