Importance Of Trust In The Movie Finding Forester

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Trust is incredibly important, in some cases trust may even lead to a punishment. Throughout the movie Finding Forester it is shown how trust will effect a relationship with Jamal and Forrester. Forrester is an older man who is a writer, Jamal, who is a high school aged boy has a passion for writing. Jamal regularly visits Forrester which enables them to not only gain trust, but also helps Jamal find a mentor who helps him revise and edit his papers. Professor Crawford lacks trust and accuses Jamal of plagiarizing then creates a conflict for Jamal. One can develop trust in comfortable places, if one has little trust a conflict may arise; meanwhile, if one has deep trust it may also cause a conflict. In quiet comfortable places people…show more content…
It is hard for him to talk about his past because it is not something that he is proud of however he trusts Jamal with everything that he tells him. During this moment it was not easy for Jamal nor Forrester because talking about past struggles is difficult. The audience clearly sees that Forrester has a deep connection and trusts Jamal. In a comfortable atmosphere people can gain trust. A conflict may occur when one has little trust and jumps to conclusions, in this case the only option is integrity. Sometimes having a relationship with strong trust can lead to conflict because breaking the trust is a concern. An example of this would be when Professor Crawford does not believe that Jamal wrote the paper that he turned in. The paper was well written and Professor Crawford assumed that Jamal could not write well and he plagiarized. Professor neither had trust in Jamal’s ability to write nor the fact that he had Forrester’s permission. On the other hand Forrester trusted Jamal so much that he allowed him to write in his apartment. William gave him different writing prompts and Jamal would write, as long as he never took them out of the apartment. The paper that Jamal turned in was one of the papers written in Forrester's apartment; therefore, this means that Jamal would have to take the consequences of plagiarism because he was not going to
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