Importance Of Trust : The Importance Of Trust

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Spc Douyon, James
Bravo 5-7 ADA
Launcher Platoon
30 July 2015
The importance of trust. Trust is the life blood of a relationship, it is at the core of any meaningful relationship. Without trust there can be no giving, no bonding, and no risk-taking. In the Army our profession is built on the bedrock of trust.Trust is earned it is not given,It is not rank-oriented. It is by your deeds, not your words that you build the trust over time.The trust between Soldiers and leaders is absolutely fundamental and critical to the profession. The foundation of being an effective leader is to earn the trust of peers, subordinates and superiors. I want to put emphasis on earned. I worry that sometimes we have too many people that believe just because they are a certain rank they automatically deserve a certain amount of trust and respect, you have to earn it. You earn it by your actions, you earn it by your experience, and you earn it by your ability to lead, mostly in the most difficult times, so that it is in everything we do. So according to the Army ethics there are five levels of trust.Trust between Soldiers,trust between Soldiers and Army Civilians, trust between Soldiers and leaders, trust between Soldiers, their Families, and the Army, trust between the Army and the American People.
So once trust has been betrayed, most people will be less trusting the next time. The degree of mistrust that has occurred varies between individuals and with the sensitivity of
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