Importance Of Wellness And Engineering

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ESSAY: Wellness & Good Health Relation to Engineering In this essay the engineering will be discussed with its advantages relating to wellbeing and good health. In everyday lives the thing which is the most important amongst all is the wellness as it affects behaviors, communications with society, performances and much more. Since as there is a huge progress in the field of technology still there is some lag in the resources of wellness and health of the mind (Madison McCarthy and Petros Spachos). As per a research phone text and call logs were utilized for predicting the personality of a human and the results disclosed that there is a certain enhancement in the accuracy of the prediction through using data of the mobile. (St. Einarsen and M. B Nielsen) Level of stress was also measured with the help of phone’s data (R. LiKamWa et al.). Similar kind of other researches were carried out and the results showed that there is a relation in between the logs of the phone and data of the sensor (Madison McCarthy and Petros Spachos) As per these results it is quite obvious that the improvement in the technology which is brought with the help of engineering is advantageous in many forms as it provides the actual position for human’s wellness and engineering can bring more benefits in a human life if the speed of the engineering continues in the same way as it is in today’s world (S. Collins and A. Long) The important thing to be remembered is that social welfare is not dependent
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