Importance Of Wh & S Performance On Construction Industry

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Section One
Executive summary
This report details the importance of WH&S performance in construction industry by improving key objectives. By measuring and improving WH&S performance, it can save time on project and the cost with fair quality due to the succession of gaining employees engagement. Also, it illustrates high reliability safety culture which every employee have to consider gaining engagement in workplace.

Everyone have right to work in a construction site with safe environment which without having any incidents. However, despite measuring WH&S performance biannual and annual, incidents in industry and workers are continuous even though safety is first priority in construction industry. The aim of this report is to encourage safety cultural change in the project that the company is currently dealing on and lift WHS performance, not only on current project, but across the entire project in the future. This report also gives guidance on how to improve WH&S performance and achieved.
What will the report effect on the project?
In result, everyone in workplace will gain engagement and understand about the responsibility on self-awareness. Employees can also work cultivating productive working relationships in a maximum condition. Moreover, everyone who is involved in the project will satisfy with improvement on WH&S by gaining attitudes, behaviours and styles that effect positively on workplace.

Section two
Key objectives to achieve improved WH&S…
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