Importance Of Witchcraft In Society

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The gradual acceptance of witches in society.: What do you think about when you think of witches? Quite some time ago, witches were portrayed as evil, hideous creatures with green skin, an abnormal big nose, generally wearing a black cloak and a pointed hat, and riding a broom across the sky cackling like an old delirious woman. Today, they are seen as good, beautiful women with fair skin, nice features and a good figure. What about witchcraft? Witchcraft has been around as long as human civilization. It is an earth base religion, one in sync with nature. Witches today generally practice good magic. Their belief is that the magic you practice will come back to you in threefold whether good or bad. Witches are accepted in present day…show more content…
The Catholic Church began as a persecuted religious community in the Roman Empire. It was illegal to practice Catholicism in the Roman Empire in its earliest days, but with the new emperor, Constantine, it became legal and was the official religion of the Empire. Today we can find many similarities between the catholic mass and witchcraft rituals such as: The burning of candles and incense. The alter in the catholic church is at the front and center is used to celebrate the "Mysteries of the Mass". The alter is similarly used in witchcraft, to casted certain spells, to hand tools and magic and to perform sacrifice. Both Catholics and Witches pray to images and statues. The conclusion is undeniable that occult is within the foundation of the Catholic Church. The acceptance of witchcraft can not be denied. The catholic church does embrace the rituals of witchcraft, but not the demonic practices of witchcraft. The practicing of witchcraft gave women the power to heal, the power over life and death, and respect within the community. oftentimes, having these powers elevated ones' status within the community. But all of this wasn’t always so. Several centuries ago the Salem witch trials occurred, creating a fear of witches. Witches were blamed for sicknesses and natural disasters. People kept pointing fingers

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