Importance Of Writing A Written Speech

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It was the day before graduation. Everyone is excited and anxious for the big day, while I’m panicking. I’ve been given the honor of being named the valedictorian for the class of 2009. I was on my way to middle school, and there was no better way to end my elementary school experience than with a prestigious accolade. This was an award I was thrilled to receive, but at the same time, one I wasn’t ready for. As a valedictorian, you are assigned several tasks before graduation. The most important is a written speech, which I didn’t have. Now you may be asking why I waited until the day before graduation to begin writing my speech. Well, this was mainly because I had no idea on how to write a speech. I knew a graduation speech needed to be influential and motivating. It’s when you reminisce on all the special moments you’ve shared with your classmates. I understood the purpose of a graduation speech. However, writing one was a whole different story. I didn’t want to stand up in front of my friends and family and spiel an ordinary speech. I wanted to be inspirational. The Principal was furious. I was supposed to already have my speech prepared for approval. She gave me one more chance, and told me I need to submit my written speech 3 hours before graduation or she would find a different valedictorian. This was one of the reasons why I felt I wasn’t ready to be valedictorian. I had no clue how to write a speech, and I didn’t want to write one that would disappoint my
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