Importance Of Writing About Myself

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One would most likely assume that writing about yourself is a whole lot easier than writing about a particular topic or prompt. However, I haven’t found that to be true so far in English 1101. Up to this point, we have written three essays: the first being the Common App essay, the second being the Educational History Narrative, and the third being the Ad Analysis. By far, the Ad Analysis was the easiest paper for me to write because I was given specific guidelines for what needed to be included into my essay and I didn’t have to write a creative story about myself. It is a challenge for me to write about myself because in past school years, I have hardly ever had to do so. I have noticed that in school, the majority of my teachers have never stressed the importance of self knowingness and reflection; all they have done is prepared me and my peers for state testing. I could write a whole other essay based on this realization, but I won’t for this assignment. Along with the Ad Analysis being the easiest essay for me to write, I also think that it was my best work. I felt that the assignment was engineered more for my age group and so I was engaged with it a lot more than I was with the other essays. I also felt a lot more confident while writing it and as a result I had no problem with meeting the essay’s criteria and page requirement. My peer editor also found very few mistakes within the paper which reassured me that it is the best work that I have done for the
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