Importance Of Writing As A Writer

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I have had you as a teacher for two years so far, and I am about to have you for another semester. So while you may know much about me, I guarantee there is much you do not. As a writer, I have usually been successful, and I say that not to brag but to preface an experience of mine that I cover later in the letter. Anyways, I have achieved success not only in the classroom but also in competitions, such as the Lovejoy Writing Contest. As you know, poetry is a literary form that I hold near to my heart because it is a raw form of self-expression that encompasses many emotions: joy, grief, triumph, and defeat. Throughout my life I have never found a vent for self-expression quite like poetry. And it helps. When the weight of the world pushes so hard against you that everyone and everything seems to be against you, poetry provides an escape for raw, uncut, unfiltered human emotion. In addition to poetry and writing I do on my own time, I write very often for school. I typically receive high grades on my work because of the supposed skill or talent that I may have. This skill, however, only goes so far. The time I have spent editing, re-reading, editing again, and double checking each individual word borders on obsessiveness, but it is the only way I can improve as a writer. And, as any individual who spends much of their time practicing a skill, difficulties and obstacles become a common sight as time goes on. My biggest difficulty throughout my writing career has been style.
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