Importance Of Writing In Literature

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Although I take honors language arts classes, reading and writing is not my forte. As someone who naturally gravitates towards math, I try to find definitive answers to questions. Unfortunately, in literature there is never just one answer. The beauty of literature that appeals to a lot of people is that there is usually never a wrong answer or interpretation of a text. Anyone, including myself, can find a unique connection, symbol, or meaning in a piece of literature. The only thing that you can’t connect literature to is mathematics. A piece of writing is never as easy as x=5 or plugging in a formula to interpret a text, and though it might seem like an obvious enough statement about literature, I just recently learned this lesson. About a year ago I walked into Mr. Harbison’s classroom for the first time, completely unaware that his class was about to be the hardest, most stressful, and anxiety inducing class that I would take, I was also unaware that his class would be the most important class that I took coming into high school. Upon entering Honors Language Arts I, I had always gotten A’s in every class and on every assignment. School was a breeze and long ago I thought that I had figured out a foolproof way to succeed in language arts. My method, or rather my formula to success, was to use mild amounts of creativity, generic answers, and follow all the directions on an assignment. To be perfectly honest, I was passionate about getting good grades but I couldn’t have
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