Importance Of Writing In Literature

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In this course, I have developed a variety of skills through reading, writing, and discussing the literature that we have read. The skills that I have developed from reading materials presented through this class would include the skill of annotating as well as the ability to better comprehend poetry. What I mean by the skill of annotating is that previously to this class I haven’t completed much annotation in my studies, and so when this class came along it really showed me how to annotate a piece of writing properly. In the beginning of the semester all we read was poems so during this time we annotated a great deal which really sharpened my skills of annotation. I started to learn what to look for within poems along with learning how the proper way to annotate/interpret something within a piece of writing. As the semester continued, we started to read more short stories rather than poems. When it came to annotating short stories, there was a different process to it. Rather than annotating every line in a poem, you would only annotate a few things within the short story. For example, you would annotate elements in a short story that were confusing or you just wanted to discuss it when we came together in class. After we finished up the short stories, we began reading full on books. Now think about it, you can’t annotate the whole book because we simply don’t have time for that, however, the only annotation that I ever did between the three books that we read was when I
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