Importance Organizational Leadership Has on Companies Today

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I. Introduction
After reading an article about organizational leadership, I was more enlightened on the value and importance organizational leadership has on companies today. The article discussed the significance of organizational leadership and how leaders can motivate their followers to accomplish corporate objectives and help them realize their full potential. More importantly understanding the organizational leadership theories can support the growth and development of leadership skills and identify potential leaders during the hiring process. Some of the organizational leadership theories discussed in article include functional, transactional, transformational, environmental, situational, and contingency theories.
The primary responsibility of the Functional Theory is to access what their followers needs are and ensure those needs are met. (1) Furthermore, the Functional Leadership Theory has several core managing principles the include monitoring the environment, organizing subordinate activities, train and coach employees, motivate followers, and participate in the team’s work. (1)
The Transactional Theory argues that leadership is more based upon the individual’s ability to reward or punish subordinates based on their performance. (1) In addition, leaders must be given an objective to follow and have the ability to train and evaluate subordinate performance based on the objective. Transactional leadership must have the ability to reward and punish subordinates
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