Importance and Process of Emergency Planning

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Emergency planning Major emergencies, disasters when they occur they don't discriminate nor do they respect national borders and they never occur at the times when we are ready. The level of suffering caused by these events is enormous and many a times he aspects of people's lives in one way or another are affected. This can be in terms of health, security, access to basics necessities like food, water and so forth. In this regard therefore it's important to have emergency plans in place so that the affected people and their properties can be mitigated, and response to disaster can be coordinated effectively and efficiently in timely manner when disasters and other calamities strike (Cara McMillan, 1998). However much many emergencies are unpredictable, a lot can be done to mitigate their devastating effects at the same time strengthen the response capacity of communities faced with the risk the development process involves the risk reduction and emergency preparedeness,in response to acute humanitarian crises the international humanitarian community play a significant role in capacity building of especially the health sectors in response to reducing the risk and responding to emergencies through a committed long term technical and managerial programs from member states. Risk reduction and emergency preparedness is the responsibility of all national sectors, in regard to health at the national level the body responsible with health is the lead agency in health sector,
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