Importance and Significance of Calgary Urban Sustainable Development

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Running Head: Calgary Urban Sustainable Development Introduction The concept of urban sustainable development emerged in the twentieth century. Development is defined as the way of bringing change in communities by promoting economic growth and development, changing infrastructure and utilizing technology to create stronger and advanced communities. However, this development can have negative impact on society and may lead to exploitation of natural resources, deforestation, outdoor pollution, gender inequalities and social injustice (Bartelmus, 2011). Therefore, the concept of sustainable development has emerged as a new paradigm of development, which concentrates on protecting the environment and preserving of resources and removing social inequalities and at the same time, promoting economic growth and development. Calgary's urban sustainable development model has been selected and would be discussed in the lights of broad and diverse academic resources. Importance and Significance of Sustainable Development Definition Sustainable Development is a term, which is defined as the development that caters sustainability of the present environment in order to meet its needs and at the same time, ensures that the present development would not in any way harm the future environment for the future generations (Bartelmus, 2011). In the year 1987, the World Commission on Environment and Development published a report that concentrated on dealing with the issues related to

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