Importance of Academic Writing

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Writing is a means of communicating information, something important, or a viewpoint to an audience in a concise, interesting, and hopefully compelling manner. Academic writing takes this definition a step further in that the context is typically more precise, the audience more specialized, and the need for quality of evidence more robust. In the professional world, academic writing usually involves peer-reviewed critiques; other scholars and specialists reviewing the evidence and assumptions of the writing to ensure that it is correct in methodology, assumptions, and contributes positively to an academic body of knowledge. Of course, there are a number of types of academic writing, and each may need a particular format or organization depending on length, detail, and breadth. A book review, for instance, covers a relatively narrow subject matter, while a research article for a professional journal may have a broader subject, culminating in a book length manuscript that allows for even greater detail. Thus, there are several issues in academic writing that have different expectations and purposes than in business writing, general writing, or writing for the non-academic world. The most important of these are purpose, audience, content, style, documentation and product. The purpose of academic writing is less urgent than business writing, less personal than friend/family writing, and far more oriented towards contributing toward the overall knowledge of the subject area. To

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