Importance of Accountability

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Importance of Accountability
The importance of accountability and communication in the Military is so each and every personal is all on the same page. Also so our organization runs smooth. Communication is the heart of what makes the United States Army what it is today. Without communication vital information would not be passed down from the Chief of Command to a chain of Non Commissioned Officers to the soldiers. Not to mention, innocent lives would be in jeopardy, missions would be misconstrued, and simple information from NCO to soldier would be conflicted. The smallest amount of information is always imperative. For example, if a soldier goes out over the weekend and doesn’t inform anyone of he or she
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If you always have a hundred percent accountability you will never have any problems like wondering where someone is or like wondering why something missing. If you ever have a problem like that then it is because you are not doing a very good job at keeping track of anything. If someone like that were to be in charge of a large group of people and not know if someone could be missing is not a good way to be leader. That’s why being disciplined on it early in your career is important. I understand.
One example of being responsible would be to remember to properly PMCS you’re vehicle prior to taking it on mission. The responsible thing to do would be to go through every aspect of the PMCS and not taking any shortcuts. If your vehicle were to fail on you while you were outside the wire you could potentially endanger everyone’s lives on the entire convoy.As said before responsibility must be used in every part of being a Soldier in the U.S. Army, not just PMCSing a vehicle, responsibility falls under just about every topic such as, waking up with enough time to prepare for your first formation, or mission, being in the proper uniform, and having all of the inspect able items without having to be reminded or helped in any way. Accountability is: the obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping accurate record of property, documents, or funds.
There many reasons why
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