Importance of Agriculture Informative Speech Essay

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Imagine a world without food. Without restaurants, grocery stores, or convenience stores. Imagine children lying in the middle of the streets because they’ve gone days, even weeks without eating anything. Imagine waking up every morning and going out to scavenge for food, because it isn’t available anywhere commercially. Imagine living without your morning coffee or your after school snack. I’d bet this is very hard for you to imagine. Almost everything that we eat or consume is all thanks to agriculture. First, we will set the table and look at the history of agriculture. Then we will dig in to the importance of agriculture. Finally, we will clean our plates and look towards agriculture’s future. We will start by setting the …show more content…
The introduction of machinery during the industrial revolution brought with it the tractor, the combine, and many other types of farming machinery. These new tools allowed farmers to produce and harvest crops at a rate previously thought impossible. The development of railroads and other types of long distance travel have also aided the agricultural revolution in its massive growth. Now that we have looked back at the history of agriculture, we will now examine the role agriculture plays in our society, and its importance. What do you think of when you picture agriculture? Do you imagine a farmer in denim coveralls holding a pitchfork, or an old guy in a tractor going through fields? This misconception of agriculture has greatly affected its reputation in today’s society. The FFA creed begins with the words “I believe in the future of farming with a faith born of not words but deeds.” Agriculture is important because our farmers actually get things done. Agriculture is one of the oldest activities known to humankind. Without today’s farmers, we wouldn’t have food. Without agriculture, we would all be forced to scavenge for food, rather than buying it from the grocery store. But even more than food, agriculture also provides us with clothing and shelter. Wool is spun for sweaters, trees are chopped down for lumber, plants

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