Importance of Ancient Artwork

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Importance of Ancient Works of Art Artwork has and still remains a very important part of people’s lives. The visual and performing arts allow people to express their beliefs and feelings in an open manor. People have been doing this for over 30,000 years. Since most art expresses the feelings and beliefs of a person, the art also express much of their culture. Historians and students can learn from this artwork about a certain culture. Most prehistoric and ancient cultures do not have many written documents and without this artwork we would know very little to nothing about them. That is why artwork from any culture, especially Ancient ones is so important.
About 30,000 years ago, man first started making art. This artwork was
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Just like the Ancient English culture, the Egyptians did not stop at anything to honor a higher-being.
The Egyptians were not just master architects, but they were sculptures too. One of the first semi-free standing sculptures by the Ancient Egyptians was that of Menkaure and his wife, Queen Khamerernebty (Janson 57). This sculpture allows historians to compare the advances made in art from the Stone Age people to the Egyptians. This sculpture has great detail and is almost free standing. It also has a smooth-polish finish and faces are visible. It dates back to about the same time as the last of the three great pyramids were being finished, 2515 BCE (Janson 57). With the faces visible, historians now know what the Ancient Egyptians looked like and how they dressed. It is obvious what kind of accessories and clothing style they wore. It also allows historians to see how different social hierarchies dressed and present themselves. This is one of the first times in history that there are different hierarchy leaves and slaves.
Even though social hierarchy is very important in understand a civilization, learning their language by far is the most important. That is why with the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 CE, the first step in learning their language was made. Twenty-three years later in 1822 the stone was finally deciphered (Fiero 13-14). It contained three languages on it. Two forms of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and
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