Importance of Calculators

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In todays time, calculators in schools are just as widely used as computers are. Since its invention nearly forty years ago, the electronic calculator has evolved from a machine that could only perform simple four-function operations ( addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) into one that can now also execute highly technical algebraic symbolic manipulations instantly and accurately. Each new generation of calculators builds on the previous one, with heightened speed and more advanced capabilities. At the same time, the cost of a basic calculator has dropped so low that virtually that every household in the U.S. can easily afford one.

Calculators are a big help when doing mathematical equations correctly. They are also a useful
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In my opinion, this statement is both true and false. Im not saying that a person should be able to use one in elementary school. That is their time to learn the operations, which is extremely important. However, in a high school or college level math class, that statement is somewhat true. Its not that I would be lost without one. Its just that it would take me a whole lot more time to calculate a problem successfully. Elementary math classes provide us with the foundations of using math throughout our lives. I believe that those years are our most crucial years in learning the subject. Everything you learn during that period of time sticks with you for life and comes in very handy when needed. Every adult should have the four main operations of math mastered in their heads. The truth is that calculators are more accurate and efficient than humans, so when you want to figure out an answer to a problem without spending hours on it, calculators can be a huge help. It is very easy to make a mistake on paper. After all, we are human. Calculators are programmed machines. They do exactly what we order them to do and are programmed to never make mistakes. The only mistake youll get out of a calculator is your own, for example, if you mistakenly push the wrong button. Along with being accurate, they have other positive qualities.

They are inexpensive and portable enough so that they can be brought along
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