Importance of Chain of Command and Its Use in Army

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Running Head: IMPORTANCE OF CHAIN OF COMMAND AND ITS USE IN ARMY Importance of Chain Of Command and Its Use in Army Student Name University Name Importance of Chain Of Command and Its Use in Army Introduction Chain of command can be defined as a line of authority that extends from the top level of the organization to its lowest level. Chain of demand clearly defines that who is accountable to whom and what tasks are to be performed by all the employees. In addition to that, it also clarifies that who should be contacted when any critical situation or problem occurs. Managers usually use the chain of command while assigning jobs to the employees as it helps the employees in understanding who should they report to and who should they contact in case of a problem. There are three basic components of the chain of command (Mahida). The components are listed below: Authority: Authority represents the power that lies within a managerial position and that gives the manager the right to assign the jobs to his subordinates and to expect that the assigned jobs would be completed by the subordinates. By the virtue of authority, the superiors are empowered to make their juniors and subordinates work. The organizational structure should clearly define the line of authority so that the overlapping actions might be avoided (Mahida). Responsibility The second component of the chain of command is responsibility. The manager assigns different jobs to his subordinates and it is
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