Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in Schools

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Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities
General Policy
Recognizing the importance of providing educational activities that enrich and broaden student experiences as an integral part of the curriculum as well as beyond the normal academic day, the School Committee supports the development of co-curricular and extracurricular programs in accordance with the policies established by the School Department.
Co-curricular programs are defined as those activities that enhance and enrich the regular curriculum during the normal school day.
Extracurricular programs are defined as those activities that broaden the educational experience which usually take place beyond the normal school day. Students who desire to participate on athletic
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• The School Committee and Administration shall have complete care and control of all activities associated with the particular sport.

• The use of students in fundraising activities shall be approved by the High School Administration and the Director of Athletics and Student Activities.

• Should the sport no longer be offered, all surplus funds shall be transferred to the High School Athletic General Account.

The term curriculum refers to the programme of study in various academic subjects (e.g Maths, English, History, Science, Spanish) followed by students at various levels of education. The school or college’s teaching staff are employed to teach this curriculum, and students are periodically assessed (e.g. by exams and term papers) in their progress in each curriculum subject. As they grow older, students’ achievements in their curriculum subjects are seen as important in helping them get into a good university or college, and to find a good job when they leave education. Depending on which country you are in, schools and colleges may also be held accountable for their students’ results in the curriculum subjects.
The academic curriculum has never been all that schools and colleges offer to their students. Often a range of other classes, clubs and activities is available to
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